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The Model 1040: Telephone Test Equipment

Uses for the Model 1040 Central Office Simulator

Use it as a Telephone Intercom or as Telephone Test Equipment

[Front and Back of a 1040]

Telephone Intercom

Our most basic phone line simulator with its two telephone lines is ideal for use as a telephone intercom (an internal dedicated phone line for a home or business, completely detached from the outside telephone company). Simply attach two telephones to the Model 1040 and you are set to go! To call the other line, simply dial "5". Or, you can set up the telephone intercom to ring the other line as soon as you pick up the phone. Each line produces dial tone, ringback signal (what you hear in your ear while the other line rings), busy signal, and ringing as though it were an actual telephone line.

Telephone Test Equipment

With the two independent simulated central office subscriber lines provided by the Model 1040, You can test telephone equipment connected to either or both simulated phone lines. Here are some of the available functions:

  • Automatically call back

    When the central office simulator is used for testing, it can automatically call you back.

  • Special Information Tones

    Use it to generate Special Information Tones (SIT). Listen to an example of a Special Information Tone in wav format (28 Kb).

  • Fast busy signal

    Generate a fast busy signal with the Model 1040.

The phone line simulator's ability to automatically call you back, produce Special Information Tones (SIT), and generate a fast busy signal are only a few of its test features. To review more of the available commands that make this a versatile piece of telephone test equipment, please look at our Model 1040 Command Reference.

Example of Use as Telephone Test Equipment

A PC equipped with a FAX board could be connected to LINE 1 while a conventional FAX machine is connected to LINE 2. Test calls could then be placed to demonstrate the features and capabilities of the PC FAX board. Model 1040 parameters setup and mode selection can be performed from either line using a telephone or other device with touch tone or rotary dialing capability.

[Telephone Demonstration]

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