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Connecting Telephones Together

Northeast Innovations Hint #1 - Using the Model 1040 with your Computer's Sound Card


You can connect to the telephone audio circuit of the Model 1040A, 1040C, or 1040E by using the audio jack on the rear of the unit. Use this connection to monitor and record sound or to measure signals with appropriate software.

Materials Needed:

  • Computer with microphone jack
  • Northeast Innovations Model 1040A, 1040C, or 1040E Central Office Simulator
  • Audio Cable, 1/8"(3.5mm) mono jack to 1/8"(3.5mm) mono jack
    [Audio Cable]
  • Telephone for 1040 Control


Connect the cable from the audio jack on the Model 1040 to the microphone jack of the computer. Adjust the microphone input level as needed. In Windows 95/98/ME this can be done by double-clicking the speaker icon in the task tray and adjusting the microphone slider.


Now, use Sound Recorder in Windows or another program to record a sample of audio from the Model 1040. The simplest sound to record would be a dial tone, as you can simply lift the receiver off the telephone and the dial tone will sound. You can record any sound the 1040 generates by entering the keystrokes that cause the 1040 to generate the sounds. See the 1040 Manual for more information. Keep in mind that any voices or audible data on the telephone line will be recorded as well! If the sound when played back is too soft, try increasing the microphone level and try again.

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