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Connecting Telephones Together

Northeast Innovations Hint #2 - Changing the Length of the Model 1040's CPC Pulse (Wink)


The CPC (Calling Party Control) pulse, also known as "wink", is a momentary interruption in telephone line current provided by most telephone companies to signal that the other party has disconnected (hung up). One type of telephony equipment that utilizes the CPC pulse is the answering machine, which uses the CPC pulse to know when to stop recording. In early central offices, the CPC pulse was simply a byproduct of telephone circuit switching. Today, the CPC pulse provided by telephone companies is more formalized and ranges from about one-quarter of a second to one second in duration.

The Northeast Innovations Model 1040 Central Office Simulator has a default CPC pulse length of 150 milliseconds. The duration of the pulse can be changed using the procedure outlined below.

Materials Needed:

  • Northeast Innovations Model 1040, 1040A, 1040C, or 1040E Central Office Simulator
  • Telephone for 1040 Control


To program the CPC pulse length, pick up a telephone that is connected to a Model 1040. At the dial tone, enter the code


where "xxx" is the desired length of the pulse, in milliseconds, divided by 10. For example, if you want a 250 millisecond CPC pulse, take 250/10, which is 25, and replace "xxx" above with "025". So, you would enter


into the Model 1040 at the dial tone. For a 500 millisecond pulse, note that 500/10=50 and enter "117-033-050".

Note that if the Model 1040 is unplugged or reset using the "116-19" reset command, the unit will not remember the new CPC pulse length and will return to the default of 150 milliseconds.

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