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[The Universal Station]
The Universal Station: for Transcription and Dictation

Northeast Innovations Hint #3 - Resetting the Universal Station


When programming the Model 3006 or 3008 Universal Station, it is sometimes desirable to clear the memory of the unit and set it back to factory defaults.

Note: This procedure is known to work with software revision 3.24 and above. Check the serial number label on the bottom of your Universal Station to see which revision of the software is installed.

Materials Needed:

  • Northeast Innovations Model 3006 or 3008 Universal Station



Be aware that following this procedure will erase all programming in the unit, including handmike or footpedal settings and speed-dial entries. Be sure you know how to reprogram the unit for your system before proceeding.

To reset the station, first, with power applied, turn the unit off by turning the volume control fully counterclockwise. Then, press the following three keys:

A   9   5

If you have a Model 3008, you will see the following message in the display:


Using the volume control, turn the unit on and then off to complete the reset procedure.

The Station may now be used with the default settings. If necessary, it should be reprogrammed to work with your system.

Note that the default settings are as follows:

Memory Location Primary Use Setting
A0 Maps DTMF digits to handmike or footpedal functions 860FE54D
A93 Sets up LCD display options (applies to 3008 only) 306D0000
A94 Sets up station program timing and delays 62020000
Speed dial entries blank
A90-A92 Reserved blank

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