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Connecting Telephones Together

Northeast Innovations Hint #4 - Model 1040 Command Reference

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The Model 1040 series Central Office Simulators have two independent lines which can be used to place calls from one line to the other. These two lines work identically. Each can perform a wide variety of test functions as well as act like a normal telephone line. When you pick up a telephone connected to either line you will hear a dial tone. For your convenience, a single "5" will ring the other line at once. Unless reserved for a test function, most "regular" numbers will also cause the other line to ring.

Several more commands used with the Model 1040 series are descibed below.

Materials Needed:

  • Northeast Innovations Model 1040, 1040A, 1040C, or 1040E Central Office Simulator
  • Telephone for 1040 control
  • A 2nd telephone for tests that use both lines

    Note that most tests that use both lines will work from line 1 to line 2 OR the other way, from line 2 to line 1. Also be aware that other telephony equipment besides simple telephones, such as modems or fax machines, can be connected to either line.


A convenient way to use the Model 1040 is to have a control telephone (one which you know is functional) plugged into jack 1, and to use jack 2 to plug in the device you wish to test.

The following are some commonly used commands of the Model 1040 Central Office Simulator:


    Simply dial "5" to call the other line.

  • 22 - CALL ME BACK

    Pick up the phone, dial "22", and hang up. The unit calls you back.

  • 117035128 - AUTOMATIC RING (Ringdown)

    After you pick up and give the unit this command, you don't have to dial any digits to call the other line. You just pick up and the other line rings. This is especially nice at trade shows. Your customer picks up and the demo starts.
    Note: To turn this function off, the unit must be unplugged and then plugged back in.

  • 117039128 - NO RING (Private line simulation)

    There is no ringing or dial tone. As soon as both telephones are picked up you can talk. You can observe modems communicating. You can conveniently attach other test equipment to the lines to measure equipment performance.
    Note: To turn this function off, the unit must be unplugged and then plugged back in.

  • 117026001 - CONTINUOUS RING

    When you call the other line, the unit supplies one long ring until you hang up. To reset this feature back to normal ringing pick up the phone and dial "116-19".


    The unit calls the other line. As soon as the other line hangs up the unit calls it again. It calls again and again until you hang up the initiating line.

  • 1234567890 - DIAL TEST

    This command tests your telephone dial (both rotary and tone). At the dial tone, dial the number "1234567890". A fast busy signal indicates that the Model 1040 correctly received each digit and that the keypad or rotary dial on the phone (or other equipment) is working properly.

The Model 1040 Has Many More Features

For full information an all the varied features of the Model 1040 series Central Office Simulators, please consider purchasing the full manual. It is available at a nominal cost. There are at least 25 more functions that are fully described in the manual. For example, our Model 1040E features Caller ID origination for testing products that display Caller ID information.

In addition to describing test functions, the manual details how you can alter nearly every timing option (ringing cadence, for example) and frequency of tone that the Model 1040 produces by entering special commands on a connected telephone's keypad.

Another advanced feature of interest that both the Model 1040C and 1040E allow is interfacing to a computer via the serial port. Any terminal program on the host computer can be used; no specialized software is needed. Fully described in the manual, this allows you to monitor, test, and change a wide variety of parameters inside the Model 1040C or Model 1040E operating environment by using ASCII commands. It is even possible to download your own program code into the unit. This way you can give the unit capabilities for your specific testing situation or even give the unit abilities unrelated to its primary function as a Central Office Simulator.

We are Here to Help

If you think some of the Model 1040's features are useful, but it doesn't quite do what you expect or want, we would like to try to help. If we can't easily adapt one of the 1040's many existing functions for your application, our Quick Response Group is available to provide engineering assistance with custom hardware and/or software changes.

For information about obtaining an Owner's Manual for the Model 1040 series, or if you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to provide assistance.

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