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[The Universal Station]
The Universal Station: for Transcription and Dictation

Northeast Innovations Hint #7 - Generating Fourth Column Tones (A, B, C, and D) with the Universal Station


The Universal Station is capable of generating the fourth column tones (A, B, C, and D) that some dictation and transcription systems use in addition to the 12 tones found on a normal telephone keypad. However, since the A, B, C, and D keys on the Universal Station's keypad are used for accessing speed dial and other special functions of the station, the tones cannot be accessed directly. This document describes how to use fourth column tones by programming them into speed dial memory locations.

Before reading this, please review Hint #6 - Using Speed Dial with the Universal Station for information about programming the Universal Station speed dial function.

Materials Needed:

  • Northeast Innovations Model 3006 or 3008 Universal Station


To program an A or a B into a speed dial memory location, all you need to do is insert an A or a B. To program a C or a D into a speed dial memory location, you need to enter CC for C and CD for D. This is because C is an "escape code" and a C must be combined with a second character to do anything. (Another example: C1 is used to create a one-second delay when programmed into a speed dial number.) By itself, D can't be used to produce the D tone because it is interpreted by the station as a code to stop dialing.

To Program this Tone: Enter this:


Example 1:

To program 1A2B into speed dial memory location A1, use the four step procedure as follows:

  1. Using the volume control, turn the unit OFF

  2. Enter the following on the keypad:

     A  [memory location]  #  [memory contents]

    So, for our example enter:

     A          1          #        1A2B       

  3. Using the volume control, turn the unit ON

  4. Using the volume control, turn the unit OFF

Example 2:

To program 123C into memory location A1:
 A          1          #       123CC     

Example 3:

To program 123D into memory location A1:
 A          1          #       123CD     

Example 4:

To program 123ABCD into memory location A1:
 A          1          #     123ABCCCD   

Note that since there are more than seven characters in this programmed number, two memory locations will be taken up, in this case A1 and A2. The capacity of the memory locations is discussed in Hint #6 - Using Speed Dial with the Universal Station.

Accessing Fourth-Column Tones from the Keypad:

If you need to be able to enter the individual tones for A, B, C, and D from the keypad, you could program the A1-A4 memory locations of the station as follows:

Speed Dial Memory Location: Program this Value:
A1 A
A2 B

By doing this, you can simply enter A1 when you want the tone for A, A2 for B, A3 for C, and A4 for D.

You can program these values by using the same four step procedure as noted above for each memory location, using the following table for reference:

 A          1          #         A       
 A          2          #         B       
 A          3          #         CC      
 A          4          #         CD      

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