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[The Universal Station]
The Universal Station: for Transcription and Dictation

Northeast Innovations Hint #9 - Universal Station Troubleshooting Tips


This document describes some things you can check if your Universal Station is not operating as you expect it to.

We are Here to Help:

We love to help! We are glad to check over your VDI and Universal Stations, test them with our factory test sequence, answer questions, and otherwise assist you in any way we can. Some customers periodically send us their stations to check over even if they are having no problems with them. If you are having difficulties, however, you may want to check the items below on your own before sending your station to us to be repaired and tested.

Check the Programming:

We often find that stations that have been returned to us have been misprogrammed. Before returning a station to us, you might try resetting the station to the factory default settings and programming it again from scratch if needed (some customers can use the station with the factory defaults). The following resources are available to help you accomplish this:

Check the Telephone Cable:

Check the integrity of your telephone cable. If your station seems to disconnect on its own or if the line crackles or has static on it, a faulty cable may be the cause. We have found that when telephone cables are crimped by hand sometimes the telephone connector does not make a good connection with the telephone wire. Try using a factory crimped telephone cable or another telephone cable that is being used with a station that is working to see if the problem goes away.

Check the Accessories:

If you are having trouble with a station that is not working properly with an accessory such as a hand microphone or a footpedal, first be sure the unit is programmed correctly. (Refer to the links above.) Note that different styles of footpedals and hand microphones may require special programming. If the station is programmed correctly and the accessory still doesn't work, try switching the accessory with a known working accessory of the same type. Or, try using the accessory in question with a different station. The problem could be with the accessory and not the station.

If you want to send the station for us to evaluate, please consider also sending the accessory that doesn't work properly so we can better determine if there is a problem with the station or with the accessory itself.

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