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Connecting Telephones Together

Northeast Innovations Hint #10 - Testing a Two Line Telephone

An Explanation of the Model 1040 Telephone Jack Wiring


The Model 1040 has the capability to test two line telephone products. This document describes how the three telephone jacks found on the rear of the Model 1040 are wired and how to run tests on a two line telephone or telephone product.

Materials Needed:

  • Northeast Innovations Model 1040, 1040A, 1040C, or 1040E Central Office Simulator
  • Two line telephone (unit to test)
  • One or two single line telephones (optional)

[1040E front][1040E front][1040E][1040E
back][1040E back]
[1040E front][1040E front][1040E][1040E back][1040E back]

Jack Wiring Description:

As can be seen in the image above, the Model 1040 has three telephone jacks. The leftmost is jack 1A, the middle one is jack 1B, and the rightmost is jack 2. However, the Model 1040 only has two telephone lines. Why are there three jacks when there are only two simulated telephone lines? The jacks are wired as follows:

Jack 1040 Line # Pinout
1A 1 RJ11C (Tip - pin 3; Ring - pin 4)
1B 1 RJ14C (Tip - pin 3; Ring - pin 4)
2 RJ14C (Tip - pin 2; Ring - pin 5)
2 2 RJ11C (Tip - pin 3; Ring - pin 4)

As you can see in the chart, jack 1B shares both line 1 and line 2! This means that you can plug a two line telephone into jack 1B and test both of its lines. You can also connect a single line telephone to jack 1B but it will connect only to line 1 of the Model 1040.

Testing Procedure:

One way to test the basic operation of a two line telephone is to use three telephones. Plug the two line telephone into jack 1B. Plug a single line telephone into jack 1A and another into jack 2. Now you can place calls as seen in the following table. (Note that the simplest way to place a call to the other line is to dial a single "5"; see Hint #4 - Model 1040 Command Reference for more information about placing calls from one line to the other.)

Calling Called
Phone 1A Phone 2
Phone 1B line 2
Phone 2 Phone 1A
Phone 1B line 1
Phone 1B line 1 Phone 2
Phone 1B line 2 Phone 1A

Of course you don't need to have three telephones to test a two line telephone. If you only have one single line telephone you can use it in jack 1A to call line 2 of the two line telephone and then unplug the single line telephone and plug it into jack 2 of the Model 1040 to call line 1 of the two line telephone.

You can also test the two line telephone by itself by entering commands such as:

  • 22 (CALL ME BACK) - Pick up the telephone, dial 22, and hang up. Then the Model 1040 rings the telephone line you called from.
  • 1234567890 (DIAL TEST) - Pick up the telephone, dial 1234567890, and listen in the earpiece. If the Model 1040 received all the dialed digits correctly, it will sound a busy signal.

Please refer to Hint #4 - Model 1040 Command Reference for further information regarding these and other commands.

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