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The Model 1040: Telephone Central Office Simulator

The Northeast Innovations Model 1040

Telephone Central Office Simulator

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[1040 Telephone Line Simulator]   Model 1040
[1040A Telephone Line Simulator]   Model 1040A
[1040C Telephone Line Simulator]   Model 1040C
[1040E Telephone Line Simulator]   Model 1040E

Northeast Innovations Models 1040, 1040A, 1040C and 1040E phone line simulators emulate the basic functions of a telephone central office. (A telephone central office is what all real-world telphone lines are connected to). Each 1040 model provides two simulated subscriber lines. One or both lines may be connected with telephones or other types of telephone epuipment such as modems, FAX machines, and answering machines. Test calls can be placed from one line to the other without going through an actual telephone office. This ensures consistent demonstrations of telephone equipment, repeatable test results, and an improvement in the monthly telephone bill.

Both simulated telephone lines provide: line power, off-hook (pick-up) and on-hook (hang-up) detection, dialing detection (touch tone or dial pulse), ringing generation, and a wink (release pulse) on hang-up. You can use the Model 1040 for its most basic function as a telephone-based intercom, or use the advanced additional features such as 1000Hz test tone generation or Special Information Tone (SIT) generation. Advanced functions are accessed by entering specified phone numbers. A telephone may be used to select test mode or set up variable parameters such as ringing cadence. Additional Model 1040 applications include telephone equipment demonstrations during sales calls or at trade shows and product testing in R&D, manufacturing, and repair organizations. In addition, the 1040A, 1040C and 1040E are designed to allow local audio programming of automated voice systems. All 1040 central office simulator models are housed in rugged, compact, aluminum cases and are designed to provide years of trouble free operation.

Key Features

* Simulation of 2 central office subscriber lines
* Programmable parameters: Ringing cadence and frequency; wink release (CPC) pulse duration; DTMF frequency and duration (1040C and 1040E)
* Special Information Tone (SIT) generation
* 400Hz / 1000Hz test tone generation
* RS-232 control (1040C and 1040E)

* Convenient and consistent telephone equipment demonstrations
* Repeatable telephone equipment tests
* Reduced need for costly outside lines at trade shows
* Reduced need for outside test lines at R&D, manufacturing, and repair locations
* Ability to test the margins of DTMF receivers (1040C and 1040E)
* Convenient audio programming of automated voice systems (1040A, 1040C, and 1040E)

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A Note on Pricing

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