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[The Universal Station]
The Universal Station: for Transcription and Dictation

The Northeast Innovations Universal Station

For Use as a Transcription Station or as a Dictation Station

[Front and Back of Model 3006] [Front and Back of Model 3008]
Model 3006 Model 3008

Northeast Innovations Models 3006 (without LCD display) and 3008 (with LCD display) Universal Stations are user-friendly desktop dictation/transcription modules that provide many options to the user. Microprocessor-based, the Universal Station is a sophisticated programmable telecommunication tool that can be used with various accessories to help the user in the business environment. Around the world, thousands of Universal Stations are currently in use:

  • as transcription stations
  • as dictation stations
  • as special purpose telephones

Many of the features incorporated into the Universal Station's upgradable transcription and dictation software allow the user to perform tasks with the push of a button. With commands that are easy to understand, in most cases the user can learn how to use the station in less than 20 minutes.

Key Features

* Auto speed dial for up to 25 phone numbers
* Line hold, connect/disconnect
* Microphone mute
* Programmable system timing and delays
* Combination volume on/off switch
* Tone control
* 16 button keypad
* Headset jack
* Microphone jack
* Speaker jack
* Built-in speaker with on/off switch
* RJ-11C modular telephone jack
* Programmable 12 pin accessory connector
* DTMF receiver (3008 only)
* Programmable 32 character LCD (3008 only)
Optional Features

* 9 pin (DB-9) Connector for Bar Code input


* Foot pedal (two types available)
* Hand microphone
* Gooseneck microphone
* Headset
* Barcode wand (requires barcode connector option)
* Barcode light gun (requires barcode connector option)
* 12 VAC power supply

*Accessory packages are available at special rates*

[Transcription Station with Accessories]

Northeast Innovations Universal Station Model 3008 pictured with some of the accessories available to facilitate transcription and dictation.

Our customers confirm that the Universal Station works with most commonly available transcription/dictation systems. Originally marketed as the VDI superstation, the Universal Station has been continually upgraded to be compatible with most major transcription/dictation systems.

A Note on Pricing

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